A Perfectly Orchestrated Plan


This book is about one woman’s fight to stay afloat in the face of daily adversities. The author reaches a point where she feels like she is the go-to punching bag of friends, family, work colleagues and business associates, alike. It is at this point that she calls out to God for help – to use the many talents that He had bestowed upon her, for the greater good of mankind. Unbeknown to her, her pleas were answered!

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Suddenly, she finds herself in a whirlwind of experiences and emotions, with no one to guide her through it all. She was so overwhelmed by her novel experience, that she started documenting the events, which became the first draft of A Perfectly Orchestrated Plan! Just as suddenly, the book was restructured – taking the reader through her journey from childhood to healing, exposing racism, religious intolerances, gender-based violence, alcohol abuse, suicide, pull-her-down syndrome, industrial bullying, greed and moral decline. In the process, she touches on ways to reverse global warming; shares simple, sustainable business ideas, with the hope of alleviating hunger; and demonstrates how easy it is to be of service and how important knowledge transfer is. She is saved because of her commitment to her husband and children, her willingness to forgive the wrongs and accept the things she cannot change. She is driven by her passion and sense of righteousness. Her sense of humour and bubbly personality is evident in her writing style. This book promises to satiate the romantics, animal lovers and believers of unbelievable phenomena. A bit of colourful language, 50 shades, emojis and memes may just make this book attractive to the next generation of leaders!


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