About The Big 5 Guru

The Big 5 Guru was founded in 2008 by Karnagie Govender, with the intention of changing the perception of consultants. Karnagie has more than 25 years’ experience in Food Safety, Health and Safety, Environmental aspects, Risk based thinking and Quality systems. She specializes in Food Safety, Quality and Integrated Management Systems. Karnagie has implemented ISO 9001 (quality management system); ISO 14001 (environmental system) and FSSC 22000 (food safety system) for many a company.

Her experience expands over many industries

Food. Packaging. Pharmaceutical. Chemical. Construction. Logistics, Storage and distribution . Fire. Clothing. Engineering. Alcoholic beverages. Carbonated Soft Drink. Coffee. Spices. Ice Cream. Potato Chips. Biscuit. Coconut oil. Meat. Curry paste. Pickles. Sauce. Mayonnaise. Food grade acid. Catering. Cans. Printing. Coating, Pallets. Label conversion. Drum re-conditioner. Pallets. Blow moulding. Injection moulding. Glass. Metal. Plastic. Paint. Detergents. Sanitizers. Bitumen.

Karnagie Govender

I have a dream to develop a long-term partnership, based on integrity and trust with my clients. If you are looking for a quick fix or a certificate that is not worth the paper its written on, please don't contact me! I want to work with clients who share my vision of consistent quality, structured systems, knowledge transfer and sustainability. I am not your "yes lady!" I don't tick the boxes on the project plan. My mission is to ensure that the training lands! My mission is to ensure that I leave you with a management system that is simple, effective and customized to your needs. My mission is to design a system that is based on the 10 M principle. My mission promote the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle. My mission is to integrate the system into work practices so that you don't require a dedicated administrator. My mission is to ensure that documentation is streamlined so that it can be used electronically and manually. My mission is to ensure your system caters for continuous improvement and data analysis. Most importantly, my mission is to mitigate your risk!"